Dri-Scope Aid® Tracker

The Ultimate Drying Experience

Discover the Dri-Scope Aid Drying Difference

Dri-Scope Aid® TRACKER offers the next-generation cabinet drying solution. The system has visual drying status indicators, hang-time monitoring, control of the drying process, system maintenance information, customized drying parameters for individual endoscopes, and data monitoring, with an easy-to-access touch screen on the front of the cabinet.

  • Constant Flow
  • Consistent Pressure
  • Repeatable Results
  • Visual Display to Monitor Drying and Storage

The Dri-Scope Aid® Cabinet supplies HEPA-filtered air to all internal channels to aid in drying endoscopes with an automated drying cycle for improved turn-around time, and a continuous venting cycle for overnight storage.

Features & Benefits

  • Scope inventory can be viewed at a glance
  • Color touch screen to monitor drying and endoscope hang-time
  • Manage scope throughput via a downloadable file
  • Significantly improves drying of internal channels
  • HEPA filter offers a 99.97% retention rate of particles that have a size >0.3μm
  • Available model for connection to instrument air
  • During Operation, provides constant air delivery through all internal endoscope channels
  • Self-adjusting high-pressure regulation
  • Short drying cycle for quick turn-around time
  • Venting cycle for overnight storage

Ease of operation

  • Hands-free operation
  • Visual display of processing times
  • Preventive maintenance tracking and reminders for filter & tubing
  • Simple to attach individual scope connectors
  • Works with major endoscope brands
  • Filter replacement indicator light on unit
  • Dries 1-16 endoscopes


Individual scope connectors for all major brands and types of endoscopes.

Digital display of scope drying status, hang-time countdown, and expiration alerts.

Downloadable data monitoring of scope check-in, check-out,user access, and scope drying status timing.

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