SteriView Instrument Inspection System

SteriView is designed to inspect the internal channels of endoscopes and surgical devices to assist in the visualization of any soiled, wet or damaged areas that the eye can’t see. The internal channels are an ideal environment for colonization of bacteria. It is for this reason, SGNA, AAMI, AORN and manufacturers IFU’s all state that scopes must be inspected prior to use.

Features & Benefits


Designed to inspect the internal channels of Endoscopes and surgical devices

  • Connects directly to Windows based computer.
  • The MIC (Modular Inspection Camera) is a fully digital image and not fiberoptic.
  • The MIC insertion tube can detach from the handle.
  • It allows you to interchange sizes with one handle.
  • Clean the insertion tube in an AER-(Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor) for inspection of a clean endoscope. POST HLD INSPECTION
  • Insertion tube and camera head can be cleaned with a Sani-cloth for quick turnaround. PRE-HLD INSPECTION 

Ease of Use

  • The MIC can be purchased with a Surface Pro tablet computer.
  • Images and video can be taken from either the camera head or from the computer/touchscreen.
  • All images and videos can be cataloged by scope with references.
  • All images and videos are auto date and time stamped.
  • The MIC connection is via standard USB.




Active Array Size 400 x 400
Lens Size 1/18″
Diagonal Field of View (FOV) 120º
F No. 5.0
Focal Length 0.418 mm
Minimum Exposure Time 72.15 μs
Frame Rate
– 160 Kpixel (400 x 400)
30 fps
Scan Mode Progressive
Max S/N Ratio 36.8 dB
Dynamic Range 65.8 dB @ 4x gain
Sensitivity 1000 mV/Lux-sec
Color Mosaic RGB Bayer pattern
Pixel Size 1.75 μm x 1.75 μm



SteriView Images